Sci-fi Commons

Our Mission

To create and build a community of Sci-fi fans to collaborate and learn together while developing an openly-shared universe of creative content.

Our Principles below guide us in our mission:

  • Build and Grow the Sci-fi Community
  • Create a consistent, openly-shared, body of Sci-fi content
  • Collaborate on amazing projects with like-minded Sci-fi enthusiasts

Build and Grow the Sci-fi community

The foundation of great collaboration starts with the interaction with amazing people and ideas.  We believe that opportunities for Sci-fi enthusiasts to gather, socialize, and collaborate makes for stronger communities and greater creativity.  We strive to establish Sci-fi communities and sharing of ideas and support through activities such as Sci-fi movie nights, book readings, media classes, writing groups, and other inclusive events.

Create a consistent, openly-shared body of Sci-fi content

Sci-fi Commons is building an openly-shared body of creative content that allows enthusiasts of many different skills and talents to experiment, learn, grow, and contribute in a Science fiction universe. Sci-fi Commons maintains the continuity of stories, technology, characters, and timelines in order to build a credible platform of content for many years and people to participate. The universe is free use in all non-commercial applications and works, and is governed by the Sci-fi Commons founders for content consistency.

Collaborate on amazing projects with like-minded Sci-fi enthusiasts

Sci-fi Commons creates opportunities for enthusiasts of a myriad of skill levels and interests to participate in projects that make the universe come to life!  Sci-fi Commons members can sign up for activities in creating audio-plays, video content, writing screenplays and novels, editing, acting, and other roles to help create the Sci-fi universe.